The patented technology meets the requirements set by the Germanischer Lloyd for the marking of artificial ice and has been approved by the NL Patent Office under patent number 2007117.

Art-Ice was designed in 2006 and is continuously developed through tenacious material research and extensive testing. Through the intensive research, Art-Ice continues to innovate and optimize in order to get the sliding capacities as high as possible.


Material    Art-Ice is PE fillet with additives. This makes the floor smearing itself but dry.
Size The basic size is 2 x 1 meter (39 x 78 inches) per plate. Other sizes are possible.
Weight The sheets have a weight of about 19 kg / m² (Pro 2000), 14 kg / m²  (Fusion 1500) of 10 kg / m² (Adventure 1000) per plate.
Colour The floor is standard in white with blue dots duet o the added additives, the lines in the prescribed colors are optional.
Thickness The sheets are available in 20, 15 and 10 mm thick.
Boarding The hard boarding consists of a steel or aluminum frame with plastic panels of your choice.

The self-lubricating technology of Art-Ice makes the application of a lubricant on the plastic ice rink unnecessary.

Advantages of this are:

  • The skate floor does not have tob e cleared to apply a lubricant
  • In case of falls, users do not get in touch with a residue
  • Art-Ice sheets are modified polyethylene press plates.