The Art-Ice courses are ideally suited for fun purposes. Where most large bungalow parks and campsites have a miniature golf course, a swimming pool or a tennis court, a skating rink is a surprising addition. At which campsite can you skate in the middle of the summer. The individual panels can be laid on any flat surface and can therefore be easily realized. A skating rink of Art-Ice also fits perfectly on both small and large amusement parks. The skating rink is available in any desired format and in any desired theme.


The Art-Ice ice rinks make it possible to skate all year round. These skating rinks are made entirely from self-lubricating, polyethylene panels. The panels are manufactured in the form of puzzle pieces, allowing the Art-Ice ice rink to be mounted anywhere, inside and outside. The floor takes up only 1 x 2 meters of floor space when disassembled.


The Art-Ice floor contains no chemicals or other harmful liquids, but is a completely dry floor. The sliding is caused by the materials that are processed in the floor. Thanks to the self-lubricating effect, the sliding capacity of the Art-Ice skate floor remains of top quality at very low maintenance costs. Recreation is being sent to a higher level by Art-Ice!

Advantages of Art-Ice’s skate floor are:

  • Easy and seamless to assemble by the perfected dovetail system
  • Excellent to lift with two people
  • No expensive cooling installation required by the self-lubricating effect
  • Disassembly is possible in an instant

Ice skating in the summer, it can be done with an Art-Ice skate floor.

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