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About Art – Ice

The Art-Ice ice rink is the perfect alternative for natural ice. The plastic ice rink has been used scores of times for several (sports)events and special matters. You can either rent of buy an Art-Ice ice rink, our worldwide partners are available for special advise about which skate floor is most suitable for you

The plastic Art-Ice ice rink is the only dry and self-lubricating floor. Art-Ice is the name of the brand which was found by Betech. Betech is also the producer of the skating floor. The floor reaches approximately 94-98% of the gliding capacity in camparison with natural ice, which is enormous for a plastic ice rink. The Art-Ice ice rink is available in all sizes.


  • Is self lubricating (zelfsmerend) which means that no chemical
  • liquids are needed to skate.
  • Requires minimum periodic maintenance
  • Is completely recyclable
  • Does not require energy
  • No environmental burden
  • Has a life span of more than 10 years, guaranteed!
  • Is similar to natural ice


A logical consequence is that the KNSB uses the plastic skate floor of Art-Ice to stimulate skating in the Netherlands. More than 60,000 children have participated in the KPN Junior Skating Games in recent years.

Art-Ice works closely together with the leading unions in the world

  • NIJB (Dutch Ice Hockey Association)
  • IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation)
  • Swedish Ice Hockey Association
  • Various Olympic organizations
  • With a white ice rink from Art-Ice you opt for a professional skate floor with a ‘green’ character.
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