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About Art-Ice

Art-Ice is the perfect alternative to natural ice. The plastic skate floor is used for various (sports) events and special occasions. It is possible to buy as well as rent the skate floor, our worldwide partners provide tailor-made advice on which version is most suitable for you.


The Art-Ice ice rink is the perfect alternative for natural ice. The plastic ice rink has been used scores of times for several (sports)events and special matters. You can either rent of buy an Art-Ice ice rink, our worldwide partners are available for special advise about which skate floor is most suitable for you

The plastic Art-Ice ice rink is the only dry and self-lubricating floor. Art-Ice is the name of the brand which was found by Betech. Betech is also the producer of the skating floor. The floor reaches approximately 94-98% of the gliding capacity in camparison with natural ice, which is enormous for a plastic ice rink. The Art-Ice ice rink is available in all sizes.


Skating all year round in all weather conditions. The Art-Ice plastic skating floor is a unique addition to the existing ice rinks!






This year Art-Ice is exhibiting at the INTERALPIN '19 in Innsbruck. The INTERALPIN '19 takes place on 8, 9 and 10 May and is the fair for technologies in the Alps for both winter and summer. The fair is held every two years organized and in 2017 it even attracted...

Curling at a unique location!

Curling on the roof of a hotel, that's only special!A hotel in Amsterdam has chosen to make a stay on the roof terrace attractive in winter, but without the high costs of an ice rink.We can safely call that a unique location!

110,000 visitors in New Zealand!

The Art-Ice course at a beautiful location in New Zealand welcomed its 110,000th visitor! A great example of skating in the summer as a supplement to the existing recreation program at a holiday park!

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