Art-Ice offers various products that perfectly match your requirements. A suitable version is available for every application to match the activities of the user as closely as possible.

The skate floors are available in the following versions:

Art-Ice Pro 2000

Art-Ice Fusion 1500

Art-Ice Adventure 1000

Thickness: 20 mm Thickness: 15 mm Thickness: 10 mm
Weight:  ca. 19 kg/m2 Weight: ca. 14 kg/m2 Weight: ca. 10 kg/m2

The date of delivery time can be determined in consultion.

Art-Ice sheets come standard in white with blue dots. Logging and logos can be added depending on the application for which the track is ued.

Examples are:

ICE HOCKEY                                             CURLING


In addition to the ice skates, Art-Ice offers various types of fencing. These products can be made of steel or aluminum with a plastic sheet of your choice. Examples of this are advertising signs or transparent plates.
Read more about the assembly and technology of Art-Ice products.