Q: What is the life time of a synthetic skating surface?
A: Art-Ice guarantees a life time of at least 10 years.

Q: What is the delivery time of a skating surface?
A: Delivery time can be adjusted to your special wishes.

Q: Is any dimension possible?
A: Every dimension is possible.

Q: How thick is the floor?
A: the floors are available in 20 mm, 15 mm and 10 mm.

Q: What is the weight of the floor?
A: The floor has a weight of 19 kgs/m².

Q: What can the floor be used for?
A: The floor can be used as a skating surface for ice hockey and figure skating.
The floor can also be used for ball games, such as field hockey, basketball and handball.
Alternatively the floor could be used for promotional purposes at (Christmas) fairs, amusement parks and shopping centres.

Q: Can the skating surface be used at any temperature?
A: The temperature should be between the -35°C and 70°C.

Q: Are there any health & safety concerns for the use of this skating surface?
A: The skating surface is FDA (Food Department Approved) approved. The skating surface can be used without any health risks.

Q: Are special skates necessary?
A: No special skates are necessary, we do advise the use of Ice hockey skates for the best experience.

Q: What does the floor feel like?
A: As we do not use water or gel, the floor feels clean and dry. It is possible to see a demonstration skating surface sample.

Q: Can the Arti-Ice floor be placed on any kind of surface?
A: The skating surface can be laid on any firm and flat surface wether it is horizontal or under an angle doesn’t matter. The floor panels are always laid on a sub-floor. In case of an uneven surface a platform floor is used and for a slightly uneven surface we recommend an underlay.

Q: Does it take a lot of time to assemble the skating floor?
A: The assembly of the complete surface can be easily carried out by 2 people. We calculate 1 hour for 100m2.

Q: Does it take a lot of time to disassemble the skating floor?
A: Dismantling of the floor can be carried out easily and rapidly.

Q: Is any special equipment necessary to assemble the skating floor?
A: Skating floors are delivered with a two-handed hammer and wood blocks.

Q: How is the boarding secured?
A: The hard boarding can be easily fixed to the skating surface.

Q: Is electrical power necessary?
A: No, as the skating surface is made of a high-quality synthetic material, no electrical power points are necessary.
This synthetic skating surface is therefore more economically efficient than an artificial ice skating rink.